4 Jan 2008
The Element of Danger 
The Bays and The Heritage Orchestra with composers John Metcalfe and Simon Hale will tonight play a unique improvised gig reports Pascal Wyse in The Guardian.

The improvised music played by The Bays will be fed into a computer and analysed by a program called Sibelius. Metcalfe and Hale will then write orchestral parts as the piece progresses. John Metcalfe says "There's an element of danger, that's for sure. It's scary, but I'm looking forward to it. I think what we do will affect how the Bays play - they will have to make fewer changes, and perhaps evolve the music more gradually; otherwise we might get left behind. One composer will do woodwind and brass, the other strings. Halfway through, we'll swap."

Bays drummer Andy Gangadeen (who also plays in Metcalfe's live band) says "It's a bit like the TV show Curb Your Enthusiasm. There is a huge amount of improvisation in there, but I didn't realise it at first. After knowing that, somehow it makes it more special."

It all sounds pretty good. Pret-ty pret-ty pret-ty good.


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