21 Mar 2008
A Chrysler Building's worth of pop-orchestral magnificence 
Chip Kidd's Living With Music: A Playlist as told to the New York Times's Dwight Garner includes The Perfect Kiss by New Order.

He describes it thus: "For me, otherwise known as The Perfect Song. To the uninitiated, on first listen it probably just sounds like bad disco, in the way that Gilbert and Sullivan's "A Modern Major General" might sound like merely clever recitative. But with something like six or seven listens, the layers peel back and an astoundingly complex aural architecture is erected before one's very ears, and then - there before you is a sky-scraper of sound, the likes of a Chrysler Building's worth of pop-orchestral magnificence. Which then just collapses, to your profound dismay. So you hit "Play" again, and for four more minutes it builds again, and you are happy."


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