6 Apr 2008
FAC 51 T-Shirt competition results 
We asked you "What were the four ingredients of a 'Zero Hour' cocktail, as served in the Gay Traitor Bar?"

The answer (which smart FAC 51 fans would have found on the Gay Traitor page sandwiched between a Killer Zombie and Death in the Afternoon) is Brandy, Apricot Brandy, Creme de Menthe and Pernod.

And the envelope please...

The winner (who will receive a complete set of brand new limited edition FAC 51 The Haçienda official t-shirts in the size of their choice) is Dave Stephenson. Congratulations to Dave. We'll be in touch. Thanks too to everyone who entered the competition.

Official, limited and available FAC 51 T-Shirts are also available to buy from Slipstream Stores' online Hacienda shop. They're better than a meat pie.

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