6 Apr 2008
Sauron's city-centre offices 
Pies and Prejudice: In Search of the North is the latest book by Stuart Maconie in which he goes in search of the North of England. It came out last year but has just been reprinted in a new cover. Maconie's first book 'Cider With Roadies' contained some choice words about Factory Records and so does this one.

For example, on the New Factory HQ he says: "I've lost many an afternoon lounging in its weirdly uncomfortable chairs or around the boardroom table not interviewing Happy Mondays, getting lost on my way to the toilets through a stone warren of corridors and high forbidding doors straight out of Mordor. If Sauron had a city-centre office, it would have looked like this."

The cover also features a nice illustration with some factories on it.

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