31 May 2008
New Horizon 
Section 25 and Peter Hook of Joy Division/New Order have announced the first of a series of joint live concerts, at the Ancienne Belgique venue in Brussels (Belgium) on Friday 7 November 2008. Further dates in France and Germany will be confirmed shortly.

Their combined set will include highlights from the combined catalogues of Joy Division, Section 25, New Order and Monaco, as well as a sprinkling of new material. Songs will include 'Transmission', 'Temptation', 'Looking From A Hilltop', 'Shadowplay', 'Dreams Never End', 'What Do You Want From Me?', 'Dirty Disco', 'Love Will Tear Us Apart' and 'Blue Monday'. Section 25 will also perform a separate opening set.

Section 25 and Peter first gigged together in 1979, during the heyday of Factory Records, when Section 25 often supported Joy Division in London and the North-West. After a gap of two decades, Section 25 again performed as guests of New Order in Blackpool in October 2006, while Peter performed the classic Temptation with SXXV at A Factory Night (Once Again), the sold-out live event staged at Plan K in Brussels on 15 December 2007.

"I'm scared to death, but it'll be great to do a full gig. I’ve missed playing too much!" (Peter Hook)

"It's a privilege to perform these songs with Hooky and the band. There will be power and passion." (Larry and Vin Cassidy)

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