16 May 2008
Scream City 3 
A fortuitous warehouse find means that 5 copies of last year's third edition of Scream City are now on sale on eBay priced 2.00 GBP + p&p (PayPal only).

Scream City 3 contents:

* Bernard Sumner by David Nolan
* A Field Trip to the Factory Archives by Andrew James
* Electronic: Message Received by Matthew Robertson
* Ghosts of the Haçienda by Michael Eastwood
* Unknown Pleasures: What's in the Factory Collection at MoSI by Jan Hargreaves
* A Kick Up The Nipsie (Alan Hempsall of Crispy Ambulance interview) by David Nolan
* A Cock and Balls Story by John Cooper

Plus the cover is an original illustration by Matt Carroll of Central Station Design.

More copies of Scream City 4 (the latest issue) will go on sale on Monday.

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