16 Jun 2008
Shall We Take A Trip #1 
From Northside on Facebook:

"Top band, top tune... from those opening lines you know your getting something special with this song!

Lets push for this group to get f*cking massive in the hope that word will spread - on the week commencing 30th June 2008 we need to get as many people to download this song from iTunes and get it into the UK #1 slot!!

Lets face it, in an era when such crap as Duffy, Estelle and Basshunter have been able to claim the #1 slot, we should be able to get this one in there somewhere... just imagine how proud you'll all be putting this classic back up where it belongs and dislodging some of the current chart/pop guff in the process. all for the tidy price of 79p!

Go to it kids, the destiny of this top, top tune is in your hands, dont waste it!"

Good luck lads!


Northside on MySpace


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