5 Jul 2008
ReOrdered #2: NewSpeak 
In typical New Order fashion, an insert in the US version of the Live in Glasgow DVD contradicts Peter Hook's earlier statements about the content of the coming remastered New Order albums, and just which albums are being re-issued.

"Coming Fall 2008, New Order Collector's Editions, Remastered and Expanded in a 2-Disc Set with Non-Album Singles, B-Sides, Remixes, New Liner Notes, and More!" (The covers of Power Corruption & Lies, Low-Life, Brotherhood and Republic are pictured, with "Collector's Edition" tags added to the artwork. [Hmm, where are Movement and Technique? And now Republic pops up.])

Whether this applies to all versions worldwide, or just the US Rhino editions remains to be seen...

Thanks to Chris D for spotting.

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