23 Jul 2008
& then again 
It seems the new and as-yet-untitled album by A Certain Ratio will eventually come out on French record label Le Son Du Maquis. Last year the label also released Radiator by Big Arm.

Following their appearance at the Tony Wilson Experience, ACR are also preparing to play live at the Brighton Beach Festival on 24 August and then in Norway on 5 and 6 September (www.numusic.no).

Meanwhile, here is the setlist from ACR's 14 June Voodoo Lounge (Edinburgh) gig:

Do The Du
I Feel Lite
And then again
Mind Made Up
Way To Escape
Everything is good
Wild Party
Wonder Y
Shack Up
Turn Me on
Down Down Down
Si Fir Mi

With thanks to Mr Moscrop, Hans and upnorth on the Cerysmatic Factory Message Board.

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