2 Aug 2008
Video is like the death of peoples' imagination 
Stealing a march, it would appear Ikonand have supplanted a new strain of the Ikon virus into the belly of the beast.

Everybody - wave at the screen!

Clash of the Titans - Sooty Vs Malcolm
Hacienda Christmas Eve Message 1983 with Sooty, Matthew and Malcolm Whitehead, filmed at Ikon HQ - The Bunker (Tony Wilson's cellar).

Kevin Hewick - Morphia
Short clip of Kevin filmed by Tony Wilson. Featured as part of the unreleased compilation video MANCHESTER TO NEW YORK DIRECT.

FACTUS 5 - What the Papers Say
Tony gives Granada's newspaper review show the Factory treatment, featuring the voices of Tony, Jon Savage, Claude Bessy, Rob Gretton and an unidentified other. Chapter 10 of Factus 5(183): From Manchester to New York Direct.
"God Save Television"

Iceberg Penguins
Taken from Ikon 21 Show Me What You Look Like by Brian Nicholson. This segment documents the installation and floatation of artist John Wilcock's Iceberg Penguin Sculpture at Rhyl, North Wales 1986. Music track is Amigos em Portugal by Durutti Column.

Slab - People Pie
Ikon's favourite loud band. From their 1988 single on Ink Records.Another video from Ikon Head Boy Malcolm Whitehead with some video treatments from Brian Nicholson. Part of a longer unreleased Slab! project.

Inspiral Carpets - Move
Shot after hours in Dry Bar 1989 with other footage taken from unreleased live Haçienda gig. Lights by Bruce Mitchell, camera Brian Nicholson, edited and directed by Malcolm Whitehead.

The Mekons - Makes No Difference
The Mekon's release on Blast First 1990. Camera Brian Nicholson. Edit and Direction Malcolm Whitehead.

The Joys of Smoking (1985)
"I'd forgotten what I am"
"Forgotten what Faces to adopt whist pulling on an oily rag. Graham Duff (writer of "Ideal", "Dr Terrible" etc) grimaces to the tones of Powell, Pressbuger and Long (Janice). Taken from Show Me What You Look Like (1987) by Brian Nicholson. Edit by Malcolm Whitehead.

The Broken Family Band - You're Like a Woman
2006 video for the wonderful Track & Field Organisation. Shot by ikonand irregulars Messers Holman and Huxley with an edit by Brian Nicholson.

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