22 Sept 2008
Mondo Mancunia 
Graham Massey presents 'Mondo Mancunia' at the Shunt Lounge in London on 1-4 October 2008.

'Never go back to a lit firework,' Graham Massey reminds us in these days of faked special effects and dubious digital spectacle. From his days with Biting Tongues he still maintains the concept of live performance as an information explosion, with the group functioning as an experimental audiovisual laboratory at the centre of it. 'It's about what happens when you don't stop,' he explains. 'Biting Tongues was a media whirlwind, shredding sound before digital effects came in, cutting up texts and chants before rapping. We rewrote the rulebook but forgot to tell anyone. That's why Biting Tongues is still the band we never quite understood but could never quite leave alone.'

What began with Biting Tongues, however, has continued with Massey's other projects: from 808 State to The Sisters of Transistors, from Tool Shed to Massonix. Presented together over four days between October 1 to 4 at the Shunt Vault in London, alongside a whole range of friends, collaborators and kindred spirits, are various stages of a live tradition of deeply committed, full-force performances, shards and trajectories from the original information explosion. This is a unique opportunity to witness moments of secret transmission, a live line of descent that continues to this day. Supported by DJ sets, installations, lectures, screenings and seminars, Mondo Mancunia is about to rewrite the rulebook yet again – 'only this time we're telling everyone,' Massey adds, 'so there's no excuse if you miss it.'

Mondo Mancunia Day One - 1 October 2008

20:00 Ego In Exotica Sum: In memoriam Martin Denny 1911-2005
21:00 Seaming
22:00 Toolshed

DJs for the evening will be The Simonsounds.

Mondo Mancunia Day Two - 2 October 2008

20:00 Dr X (A Version of Events)
21:00 Oort
22:00 Toolshed

The second half of the Toolshed residency: not a repeat performance of Wednesday night as a different line up will be in place.

DJs this evening are Resonance FM's Kosmishe DJs.

Mondo Mancunia Day Three - 3 October 2008

20:00 Triclops
21:00 Homelife's Atlas
22:00 Biting Tongues
DJs for this evening Resonance FM's Kosmiche crew and Kelvin Brown
Special After-show Performance by Graham Clark and Graham Massey.

Mondo Mancunia Day Four - 4 October 2008

20:00 Mayming
20:00 Homelife's Atlas (see Day Three)
21:00 The Sisters of Transistors
22:00 Biting Tongues

DJs for the night Liela Arab and Kelvin Brown


More info at www.shunt.co.uk

Shunt Lounge
20 Stainer Street
London SE1 9RL

Doors: Wed & Thurs 18:00 - 23:00, Fri 18:00 - 00:00, Sat 20:00 - 00:00
Once inside, bar open 'til late
Entry fee 5.00 GBP Wed & Thurs, 10.00 GBP Fri & Sat
Entrance on Joiner St inside London Bridge Tube Station.

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