15 Sep 2008
Remastered Reissues Revisited 
It's (finally) official: The New Order 'deluxe' 2-disc "Collector's Edition" 'remastered' reissues of Movement, Power Corruption & Lies, Low-Life, Brotherhood, and Technique arrive September 29 in the U.K. and November 11 in the U.S. "The second disc of each reissue will contain rare and previously unreleased B-sides, remixes, and extended and alternate versions of tracks." While we question the definition of "unreleased" (unreleased on CD perhaps), and await with a jaundiced eye those "alternate"-described versions of 'Ceremony' and 'Temptation' (see tracklists below), this will be the first CD release for many (if not most of the) full unedited 12" versions (including the much-reviled [by Peter Saville & some persons other than me] John Robie-mixed 12" of 'Sub-Culture'.)

The tracklists (as per Rhino) are as follows:


01 Dreams Never End
02 Truth
03 Senses
04 Chosen Time
05 I.C.B.
06 The Him
07 Doubts Even Here
08 Denial

Movement bonus disc:

01 Ceremony (12" Version)
02 Temptation (12" Version)
03 In a Lonely Place (7" Version)
04 Everything's Gone Green (12" Version)
05 Procession (7" Version)
06 Cries and Whispers
07 Hurt (12" Version)
08 Mesh (12" Version)
09 Ceremony (Alternate Version)
10 Temptation (Alternate 12" Version)

Power, Corruption & Lies:

01 Age of Consent
02 We All Stand
03 The Village
04 5 8 6
05 Your Silent Face
06 Ultraviolence
07 Ecstasy
08 Leave Me Alone

Power, Corruption & Lies
bonus disc:

01 Blue Monday (12" Version)
02 The Beach (12" Version)
03 Confusion (12" Version)
04 Thieves Like Us (12" Version)
05 Lonesome Tonight (12" Version)
06 Murder (12" Version)
07 Thieves Like Us (Instrumental)
08 Confusion (Instrumental)


01 Love Vigilantes
02 The Perfect Kiss
03 This Time of Night
04 Sunrise
05 Elegia
06 Sooner Than You Think
07 Sub-Culture
08 Face Up

Low-Life bonus disc:

01 The Perfect Kiss (12" Version)
02 Sub-Culture (12" Version)
03 Shellshock (John Robie Remix) (12" Version)
04 Shame of the Nation
05 Elegia
06 Let's Go
07 Salvation Theme
08 Dub Vulture


01 Paradise
02 Weirdo
03 As It Is When It Was
04 Broken Promise
05 Way of Life
06 Bizarre Love Triangle
07 All Day Long
08 Angel Dust
09 Every Little Counts
10 State of the Nation

Brotherhood bonus disc:

01 Bizarre Love Triangle (12" Version)
02 1963 (12" Version)
03 True Faith (Shep Pettibone Remix) (12" Version)
04 Touched by the Hand of God (12" Version)
05 Blue Monday '88
06 Evil Dust
07 True Faith - True Dub
08 Beach Buggy


01 Fine Time
02 All the Way
03 Love Less
04 Round & Round
05 Guilty Partner
06 Run
07 Mr. Disco
08 Vanishing Point
09 Dream Attack

Technique bonus disc:

01 Don't Do It (12" Version)
02 Fine Line (12" Version)
03 Round & Round (12" Version)
04 Best & Marsh (12" Version)
05 Run 2 (12" Version)
06 MTO
07 Fine Time (Silk Mix)
08 Vanishing Point (Instrumental) (12" Version)
09 World in Motion (Cabinieri Mix) (12" Version)



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