29 Oct 2008
Cerysmatic catches up with Ike Yard's Stuart Argabright for another in our irregular series of updates on his many musical activities:

"Stormy, many things going on simultaneous - but sorting through... carefully.
Like sorting through global Wall Street bubble burst!

"Ike Yard is finishing the all new album and talking to a label in Denmark about a quick promo 7" and possibly releasing the album in the first half of 2009. There is also talk about a 12" single.

"Earlier this year, Ike Yard had 'Night After Night' on the LTM Crépuscule auteur labels re-release.

"Finally Stuart says "Fingers crossed, I should have first releases on my new label REC (Rapid Expansion Corporation) before the year's out: new Dominatrix E.P., Dystopians and The Voodooists re-release."

This week Stuart is preparing for a NYC show by his newish group Dystopians on Thursday. He says "They are a kind of harder edged industrial with guest guitarist Norman Westberg (ex-Swans). More info at Monkeytown."

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