18 Nov 2008
Peter Saville will be the next cover artist and curator of Arkitip No. 0049, available 20 November.

From the press release: "Arkitip No. 0049 will be a virtual catalog of Peter’s work including essays from Saville’s colleagues throughout his career. It will also include two original prints from the designer. The prints will be 12 x 12" on 100 lb. archival stock and will sit on top of the magazine inside a custom designed box carefully encasing the magazine and prints. After another groundbreaking year in publishing for Arkitip, we aim to end the year in style by collaborating with one of the most influential designers of our generation."

Be sure to check out the Arkitip 'Peter Saville Chronicle' video interview. Stay with it until the end, his last lines are illuminating.

Expect wireframes, and an essay from FAC 461's Matthew Robertson.

- - - -