14 Nov 2008
Getting Interzone 
Cerysmatic catches up with Kevin Hewick for his thoughts on Peter Hook Section 25 Live:

"I was not only lucky enough to get to perform at four superb venues, I also got to witness all four SXXV/Hook soundchecks and sets and and watch them evolve and bond as a unit. By show three at Oss you were getting a version of 'Interzone' that made a lot of heavy metal seem wimpy.

"I was sorry to learn of Roger Wikeley leaving Section 25 as he is a wonderful man and ace musician but new Sectioner Steve Stringer is doing brilliantly both as a player and as a personality.

"Over 2 years on into their 'comeback' SXXV never fail to impress me live, it always feels like an event... but when Hooky strolled on it went mega - some of the greatest basslines ever done with attitude and panache.

"There were a few fluffed notes and cues but they didn't matter, I've heard less than perfect JD and NO live recordings. What matters is the true spirit of the music came alive.

"I've seen some lame comments on the net about people being old and fat and fossils - in fact Peter was match fit and had enough energy and charisma to light up any concert hall - and would then do a full-on DJing set straight after, rooms full of people going totally loco - job done and all the Hooky knockers looking pretty petty as far as I'm concerned.

"Paris and Brussels were more formal in concert venues with lovely appreciative audiences. Oss and Krefeld had a more rock 'n' roll club feeling, big places still though, and edgy and exciting.

"There was lots of fun on the tour bus and in the hotels, not the debauched rock band on tour myth kind, more that Stu Hill, Phil Murphy, Ian Butterworth and Steve Stringer just made everyone laugh a lot. I like my deep conversationals too and had lots of them with the Cassidys, Lesley Hunter and James Nice.

"We were a real community for those magical days of travel and music and it was honestly one of the best times I've ever had, I wish it had been a much longer tour, the vibe was there, 100%!"

Cheers Kevbo! And don't forget to check kevinhewick.co.uk in a few days for the full unexpurgated story.

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