12 Nov 2008
If it's Friday, it must be Belgium 
Cerysmatic caught up with Section 25 following the Peter Hook Section 25 Live European mini-tour with Peter Hook and Kevin Hewick:

Vin: "It was bloody great. The turnout varied, about 600 Os (NL), 800 Brussels (BE), about 400 in Paris (FR) and Krefeld was 350-400 (DE). Michel Duval (Factory Benelux / Crépuscule) and Mark Kamins turned out in Paris. Playing with Hooky is ace cos neither of us drink and it's good not to be the only non-drinker on the firm. Also he taught me some good stuff about tempo, pace and dynamics and I am grateful 'bout that.

"The highlight for me was Krefeld. It all came together and was powerful and at times quite menacing in its intensity. The MO for each show was Kevbo, then S25 for 9 songs then we were joined by Capt Hook. We then do 10 NO/JD then we fuck off. Encore next with just S25 doing 1 song and then the grand finale with Peter joining us for Doubts Even Here.

Quote of tour has to be Mark Kamins in Paris: "Glad to see you guys still got your motherfucking chops".

Ian: "Well for starters, I don't think that I have ever been as nervous as I was before the Paris gig! Had we rehearsed enough..? Will my amp blow up? I shouldn't have worried as by the time we had done our SSXV set we were ready... for anything!

"Hooky and his 'guitar-man', Phil Murphy were great, as their 'attitude' spread like wildfire, and we just 'went for it' on the subsequent nights. Just think 'Punk Rock' and you shall be alright! (as my Granny used to say).

"By the German gig we were chuffin' rocking, so it's a shame it was the last. We had definitely 'nailed it' by that time.

"I joined Tunnelvision in 1981, so I suppose the Joy Division / New Order songs are in my DNA, but it was still bizarre to be on stage playing those songs with Hooky! We also didn't want to do 'straight' versions of the JD/NO songs, so hopefully we put a little 'twist' on them, making them rawer and bringing the SXXV 'edge' to them. Everyone on 'the team', the people working at the venues, were fantastic and also the audiences too. Lets do it again!"


Section 25

New Horizon
Up To You
Friendly Fires
Charnel Ground
After Image
Can't Let Go
Looking From A Hilltop
Dirty Disco

Peter Hook + Section 25

No Love Lost
She's Lost Control
Dreams Never End
Love Will Tear Us Apart
Poppy Fields (SXXV)
Doubts Even Here (PH + SXXV)

Thanks to Vin and Ian. Stand by for more including Kevin Hewick and photo gallery. Meanwhile, check out Fred's (Fantastique Nights) Flickr photostream and another gallery on soundofviolence.net.

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