8 Nov 2008
Now the party's over 
Cerysmatic reader Fausto reports on Tuesday night's launch of 1 Top Class Manager at One Central Street in Manchester:

"We traversed the Pennines and missed Jon Savage due to the arrival of the fog. Pressed on anyway to keep up with the button badge collection, in keeping with those times. Vinyl Exchange appeared to be doing brisk business with the excellent book and various Manchester luminaries, including various members of New Order, A Certain Ratio, The Durutti Column, Crispy Ambulance were in attendance to partake of cake and listen to Rob's favourite records and witness the home videos."

It was indeed a very good turnout with all the following in attendance: Crompton, Jon Dasilva, Tracey Donnelly, Alan Erasmus, Gillian Gilbert, Trevor Johnson, Bruce Mitchell, Stephen Morris, Martin Moscrop, Mike Pickering, Andy Robinson, Andy Signwriter, Mark Williams (Haçienda poster collector extraordinaire), Mick Middles etc.

Many thanks to Fausto.

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