20 Nov 2008
Peter Saville™: Winter Wireframes 2009 
So you've been rolling along (gently now, those old bones break so easily nowadays) for the past few summers on your Peter Saville™ skateboard decks from Supreme, kitted out with your Peter Saville™ Y-3 trainers (when they're not enshrined on your Peter Saville™ plinth), all the while balancing a Peter Saville™ Sony PSP guitar cut-out in one hand and a pile of Peter Saville™ books & magazines in the other.

At a loss for what to do this winter in a Peter Saville™-designed sporty style? No worries, Peter Saville™ has got you covered. Literally. Introducing Peter Saville™-designed snowboarding wear from DC Shoes. Peter Saville™ parkas and snowpants? You betcha. ('Anexus D' and 'Sunno D' for yer night-time commando mercenary types, and 'Tazer D' for yer regular day-time ninjas.) Mind those Peter Saville™ Y-3 trainers in the slush though...

- - - -