19 Nov 2008
Re: ReRemastered 
While we here at Cerysmatic haven't jumped into the public fray about the assorted audio problems with the recent New Order Collectors Edition 2-disc re-issues, here is a statement from Rhino that may give us a bit of hope (although they do hedge a bit):

"Warner Bros. UK, Rhino and New Order regret that the initial pressings of the Collector Editions of "Movement", "Power, Corruption & Lies", "Low-Life", "Brotherhood" and "Technique" contain some minor audio problems on the bonus discs. We are now in the process of correcting the problems, but it should be noted that due to the age and condition of some of the original source tapes, the sound quality may vary. A further statement will be issued once the corrected product is available. At that time, the procedure for exchanging CD's will be announced. Thank you for your patience while we resolve this situation."


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