28 Nov 2008
The Energy Suite 
The Wirral Globe reports on new OMD art project 'The Energy Suite', a new audio-visual installation about power stations in England's North West which features new music by the band. OMD's Andy McCluskey developed the project with Peter Saville and video artist Hambi Haralambous.

McCluskey told the Globe, "When OMD started to be a functioning band again one of the first calls came from Peter, who reminded me that many years ago, we decided to do an audio/visual installation. We share this fascination with industrial sites, because they are very powerful, visual objects. Peter has for many years had this mantra 'It all looks like art to me now' and this is the philosophy behind the installation."

Back in 2006, in an interview for Scream City, McCluskey said "After years of losing the plot, and just trying to write songs like a craftsman, I'm actually indulging at the moment that one of the things that were hoping to do with the comeback of OMD is an installation piece with Peter Saville. The starting point was Stanlow, but were going to do several pieces and I'm scouting sites now and looking at the North Hoyle Bank Turbines off the Flint coast, and electric mountain in Snowdonia where they pump water through caverns to generate power and Stanlow Oil Refinery. It's been great, I feel like a kid again. I've been doing a piece of music for the North Hoyle Bank, and just sitting there doing these bits of music, looking at pictures like we did for Sealand and Stanlow. It's really been like going back full circle, twenty-five, twenty-six years ago."

The Energy Suite runs at FACT in Liverpool from 12 December 2008 until 22 February 2009.


The Energy Suite
88 Wood Street
L1 4DQ


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