12 Nov 2008
The Wendys for The Prids 
Ian White out of The Wendys touches in with Cerysmatic for a bit of news: "We have just recorded a cover of a song by The Prids. It's for a benefit album for the band who were in an accident on tour recently. We have been in contact with them for some time and just thought it would be a good excuse to force ourselves out of inactivity. On the bright side it looks like we can work while geographically separated."

Thanks to Ian and best wishes to The Prids for a speedy recovery.

Spookily, following this news Cerysmatic unearthed this story about the Space Monkeys being involved in a similar accident about 10 years ago:

"Space Monkeys miraculously escaped with minor injuries after being in a horrific accident in which their van overturned and skidded along the motorway for over a quarter of a mile. The Manchester-based band were on their way back home after appearing at the Dour Festival in Belgium when a tyre blew out, and - in the words of bassist Dominic Morrison - 'the bus tipped over, the window smashed and I was dragged along the road. Sparks were flying through the bus and we seemed to slide along forever'.

"Morrison, guitarist Neil Walsh and sound engineer Trevor Brown were all taken to hospital and treated for cuts, bruises and shock, but all have now been discharged."

- From Melody Maker, 25 July 1998

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