13 Dec 2008
Yes Please, Always No 
Now that the Manchester congestion charge debate is over, the voting intentions (if indeed they were actually entitled to vote) of a couple of ex-Factory workers can be revealed.

Ex-Railway Children and ACR manager Colin Sinclair "added his weight to the 'yes' campaign", warning that Mancunians "either want Greater Manchester to be a global player or we don't".

Peter Saville went further by "throw[ing] his weight behind the congestion charge" - stating that the c-charge "very much matches the city's ethos as the original modern city".

They would say that though wouldn't they though? Sinclair is CEO of Manchester's inward investment agency MIDAS, and Saville is Manchester's 'Creative Director'.

Unfortunately, the Mancunians who voted 'No' 'added' up to seventy-eight percent, and the entire 'weighty' TIF proposal was 'thrown' out.

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