19 Jan 2009
New Haçienda book project: help wanted 
Jimmy Batista, in association with French publisher Camion Blanc has a new book on FAC 51 The Haçienda slated for around the end of this year.

With the working title FAC OFF, it will focus on the heydays of the Haçienda and the Madchester scene.

They need your contributions in the form of:

- People who could provide original pictures (from anything Haçienda and Madchester-related including bands, DJs, fans, nightlife and the like)

- People who could provide scans or hi-res pictures of flyers, posters and any kind of Haçienda, Factory, Dry Bar and Madchester memorabilia

- People who worked or were serious regulars at the Haçienda, or just people who lived through the whole thing and have any interesting story to tell, for interviews.

If you would like to participate please contact fac.off@hotmail.fr.

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