16 Feb 2009
H top ten 
UK readers of freesheet Shortlist ("for men with more than one thing on their minds") were this week treated to Hooky's 10 essential biographies.

Alongside the obvious Touching From A Distance and 1 Top Class Manager are the less obvious Lemmy, Gary Barlow, Belushi and Tracy Emin biogs.

On Keith Allen's Grow Up: "In New Order's most hedonistic years, Keith terrorised London's Groucho Club with us....and Keith's book neatly sums up the whole scene."

On Alex James's Bit Of A Blur: "Alex, Keith Allen and I plagued The Groucho for years, but he seems to have left all of that out."

Perhaps that's what living in a house, a very big house in the country does for you.

No mention of Factory Boy favourites No One Here Gets Out Alive nor Monty, and no mention of, arguably, the best rock biog of them all: Julian Cope's Head On (in which, incidentally, the actual owner of the very big house in the country features heavily).

This posting appears to have been sponsored by Amazon (but wasn't).


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