25 Mar 2009
In Memory 
John Metcalfe has revealed that Paean to Wilson, the piece he has collaborated on and will perform with The Durutti Column at the Manchester International Festival on 15-17 July 2009 is "a major 70 minute work". Commenting on the fact that the work is instrumental Vini Reilly said that "I want the work to be purely instrumental, my 'awful schoolboy poetry' style of lyrics discarded, to realise Tony's greatest wish for my work; to finally be as he really would have liked it to be; music in its purest form."

John has been a busy chap, what with arranging the strings on Peter Doherty's new album Grace/Wastelands and continuing to play live, most recently last night with The Bays at King's Place in London.

John's also on tour with Peter Doherty, tonight at the O2 Academy in Birmingham, Thursday at the Academy 1 and 2 in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Friday at the Picture House in Edinburgh and Sunday at Troxy in London.

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