17 Mar 2009
New Horizons 
Section 25 have announced, via the revamped section25.com, new members, new recordings and a new live date.

Starting with the last of these, the gig is on 30 May 2009 at the Wave-Gotik-Treffen Festival in Leipzig, Germany.

Other highlights include Clan of Xymox, Client, Steven Severin, Theatre of Hate, the delightfully-named Painbastard, and, last but not least, everyone's favourite acronym, KMFDM.

As for the new album and band members, a statement reads:

"The Band are currently working on their 6th studio album at West Orange Studios. It is planned that this will be released June 2009 on LTM Recordings-title and catalogue number to follow. It is very much a joint effort between original band members Vin and Larry Cassidy and new boys Stuart Hill and Steve Stringer*. An exciting new addition to the bands sound will be some great vocal contributions from Larry's daughter Bethany on several of the tracks. The new material is a blending of the electronica and the excursions into the fuller rock approach. Sources from the S25 camp report a return to FTH form."

* A further statement on the arrival of Stuart Hill and Steven Stringer

"After the unexpected departure from the ranks of Section 25 of Roger Wikely and Ian Butterworth in late 2008 it is a pleasure to report that Stuart Hill the original front of house sound engineer has stepped into and ably filled the vacant bassists shoes left by Roger. Steve (great name for a guitarist) Stringer, was originally drafted in for keyboard and bass duties on the Peter Hook/Section 25 European Tour of Nov 2008, but after Butty left it was kind of natural for Steve to play guitar as well for the band as he is a bloody good guitar player-nuff said."

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