18 Apr 2009
A Lilypad Sampler to celebrate Record Store Day 
From the Lilypad Records blog in honour of Record Store Day:

PADCAST #10: RECORD STORE DAY - A Lilypad Sampler With Cath Carroll Part 1

Lilypad's Atomic Theory of the Record Store

"Join us as we listen to a variety of songs from Lilypad's friends and family, and Cath rambles on about counter terror at old record shops of the North. We establish Lilypad's Atomic Theory of The Record Store (with thanks to Flann O’Brien), in order to justify why an online indie label is gate crashing this bricks & mortar event. We are Record Store. The Padcast intro features 'Dag Juhlin Symphony Extravaganza', a tribute to the Man of a Thousand Bands, performed by the UK's Monty."


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