7 Sept 2009
Atrocity Exhibition 
Stuart Argabright out-of-Ike Yard's new group Outpost presented a special tribute to JG Ballard tributes last Saturday on US radio station WFMU. The archive audio is up there already and you can check out the initial, ahem, Outposts:

- Atrocity Exhibition Chapter 1 excerpts (sections 1-14, read by David Silver, soundtrack by Outpost

- Drowned World Soundscape by Mark Fisher aka K-Punk

- Ice Planet, Serial Angels live in Studio.

Coming up in this ongoing series: 10/24 Expanded edition @ Monkeytown, Brooklyn. Plus, Atrocity Exhibition Chapter 1, Time, Memory and Inner Space read by Judy Nylon. Drowned World + Ice Planet , Serial Angels + video & music mix.

Other venues are set to come online soon, including Resonance FM.

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