16 Sept 2009
Colin Sharp 
We are sad to announce the death, following a short illness and a brain haemorrhage, of Colin Sharp, former singer with the early incarnation of The Durutti Column and author of the excellent Who Killed Martin Hannett? The Story of Factory Records' Musical Magician.

Colin was a regular contributor to the Cerysmatic Factory Message Board both in his own name and under various aliases including the much-loved Vera and Edna as in this choice exchange:

edna [ 2nd Feb 2006: 21:58 ] "Peter Saville has never worn a pair of trainers in his life! And I should know chuckie. Edna"

vera [ 14th Feb 2006: 17:36 ] "I saw our Pete in a pair of Reeboks a few years back. Right fetching he looked to. Vera"

Our thoughts are with Colin's family at this difficult time.

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