30 Sept 2009
A new exhibition opens at the Museum of Science and Industry (MoSI) in Manchester on 3 October. Entitled 'Wythenshawe' it features objects from the Museum's collections alongside community-produced work.

There several themes in the exhibition, one of which is Creativity. As some of you will be aware, a few Factory acts hailed from Wythenshawe (as well as Rob Gretton) and there are Factory artefacts on display in the gallery. In addition, where possible MoSI has used the display material to work with young people in Wythenshawe to create work based on similar ideas. In particular MoSI worked with a Youth Panel to produce icons based on the four themes, to include on text panels and publicity, with clear links to Peter Saville's icons for Factory.

The exhibition is on display from the 3 October 2009 to 28 February 2010.


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