11 Oct 2009
Workshy Fopp 
There was good turnout for Hooky's book signing session to promote The Hacienda: How Not To Run A Club at the resurrected Fopp on Earlham Street on Friday evening. With the man himself (accompanied by Kevin Cummins and a few Hacienda art prints) being fashionably late there were approaching 100 people in the top-floor queue by the time he arrived. And by the time he left the evening had been so successful that there were no copies of the book left!

The following morning Hooky made an appearance on Soccer AM which he regaled with several FAC/football anecdotes including the one about the aborted World In Motion 2002.

Then it was off further westwards to Bristol for another signing session. And this Thursday he may be found at the Off The Shelf festival in Sheffield for a Q&A and DJ set.

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