19 Nov 2009
A Factory Night (And Then Again) again 
There are just over three weeks until A Factory Night (And Then Again) at Plan K in Brussels on Saturday 12 December 2009 and there's still time to bag your ticket for a (long) night of top notch Factory Records action including ACR, Section 25, Biting Tongues, The Wake and The Names.

Plus there are photographic exhibitions featuring the work of Kevin Cummins, Philippe Carly and Daniel Oeyen.


Anthêsis, Charleroi Danses and LTM Recordings present A Factory Night (And Then Again)


A Certain Ratio
Section 25
Biting Tongues
The Wake
The Names (with strings)

Exhibitions and Projections

Kevin Cummins - Manchester: Looking For The Light Through The Pouring Rain
Philippe CARLY (New Wave Photos - new book)
A Certain Ratio (Daniel Oeyen)

Afterparty & DJ sets

Graham Massey (808 State/Biting Tongues)
Tom Moderne (LTM/Crépuscule)
Re:Order (A Tribute To New Order)
Gore (Cruise [CTRL]), Muffin (Code(s)), X-Pulsiv (Pilgrimage)


Plan K / La Raffinerie, Brussels Rue de Manchesterstraat
21-1080 Brussels


Saturday 12 December 2009 18:00 to Sunday 13 December 2009 05:00


25 / 30 Euro


More info at lefantastique.net/factory and on Facebook

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