6 Dec 2009
MOSI Talk 
It was good to see the Bad Lootenant management team accompanying Steve and Gillian to the MOSI talk last week - they even took time out to canvass opinion as to the next BL single from Cerysmatic's own Steve Aldcroft!

The hundred-odd guests were treated to some rare footage from the Gretton video archive - including the ACR Celebration footage and some Joy Division Here Are The Young Men out-takes - before being escorted to the magnificent Power Hall for the talk itself.

Ex-Hacienda house DJ Graeme Park introduced the guest panel, made up of ex-Factory designer Peter Saville, ex-Joy Division, ex-New Order and ex-Other Two member Steve Morris, James Nice of ex-Factory artist record label A LTM, Manchester nightclub entrepreneur Ross Mackenzie and the Manchester spin meister himself: Andy Spinoza.

Strangely, even though there was general agreement over the importance of Factory's influence on subsequent world events, and the bemoaning of a lack of permenant space dedicated to this legacy, no mention was made of the massively important - and rapidly expanding - Factory Records archive that is housed not a hundred feet from where the debate was held!


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