18 Jan 2010
Kevin Hewick's 7 songs at the 12 Bar 
Kevin Hewick's latest London appearance was at the charmingly intimate (or pokey) 12 Bar Club on Denmark Street on Monday 11 January. After a warm-up in the Dog and Duck, Kevin was second on at the 12 Bar's Blang! night. After settling in quickly, Kevin's performance was one of his best (ignoring those Leicester 3-hr marathons) and he entertained us as much with his stories about Florence and Rage Against The Machine as with his Tommy-esque rock operas.


Rock 'n' Roll Tantrum
Answers on a Postcard
Everybody Quits The Band
Brother T
Ophelia's Drinking Song
Billion Pebble Beach

Cheers Kevin and the 12 Bar for a great night and hi to Jude out of Subterraneans (who played the Billy Mackenzie Tribute gig in 2007), Lee and David Q.


Kevin Hewick's "Rambling Schoolboy Blog"
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