19 Feb 2010
ACR's Force reissued by LTM 
LTM reissue A Certain Ratio's classic Factory Records album Force with bonus tracks on Monday 22 February 2010.

The original 8-track vinyl version is augmented with the three bonus tracks from the original FACD 166 Factory CD, namely Nostromo A Go-Go, Inside and Si Firmi O Grido. Plus there's The Runner from the Greetings Four Italian 12" E.P. (also on The Greetings Compact) and Bootsy (Racic Remix) from the Australian-only FAC 16612 remix twelve-inch.


Only Together
Naked and White
Mickey Way
And Then She Smiles
Take Me Down
Nostromo A Go-Go
Si Firmi O Grido
The Runner
Bootsy (Racic Remix)

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