8 Mar 2010
ACR live @ The Sunday Social 
Manchester (and London) came to Brighton's Concorde 2 last night for The Sunday Social featuring A Certain Ratio.

Transformer kicked off live proceedings with an energetic set packed with catchy hits and accompanied by an impressive light show.

The audience started swelling ahead of ACR's headline live set and the excellent bass-crunching soundsystem was showcased in the immediately preceding DJ set.

The full 6-strong ACR (with Denise back after she had to miss Brussels) took to the stage shortly after 9pm. They kicked off with the classic Do The Du before launching straight into Wild Party. This indicated that this would be a fairly unusual setlist. Don't get me wrong, all the cool tunes were, it's just they were in a different order! Later highlights included a crunching Wonder Y where the bass was bone-crunching and the old-but-new fave Waterline. In between, the Mind Made Up album was showcased - watch out for that being re-released via LTM later in the year. Full setlist to follow.

Sadly we had to dash after Ratio in order to catch the last train and so had to miss Justin Robertson's and Danny Rampling's DJ sets. Well done to Ash for putting on a great show - and Happy Birthday.

Thanks to James Nice for giving Paul, Emita and I back to the station in the freezing cold.

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