26 Mar 2010
Download Two Worlds Collide by Freebass 
The official release of the debut Two Worlds Collide E.P. [HAC 002] by Freebass is available from Monday 29 March 2010 as a digital download only via fac51thehacienda.com. The release is available as both the complete six-track EP and as individual tracks.


1. Intro
2. You Don't Know (This About Me) [Vocals By Tim Burgess]
3. The Milky Way Is Our Playground [Vocals By Pete Wylie]
4. Dark Starr [Vocals By Howard Marks]
5. Live Tomorrow You Go Down [Vocals By Peter Hook]
6. That's Life

Instrumental versions are also available at www.fac51thehacienda.com.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

WHY WHY?!?!? I want a CD and I want to buy it from outside of the uk!

27/03/2010, 01:54

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Where exactly are the instrumentals???

31/03/2010, 22:40

Anonymous cerysmatic said...

Basically, they're not ready yet. I am advised on good authority that the instrumentals were supposed to be posted along with the other tracks on the FAC51 site at the time of release but that they're still being mastered. It is expected that they will be ready in about 2 weeks.

01/04/2010, 09:00

Anonymous California Grill Kid said...

the milky way...is up on youtube.
me likes.
but I think I will wait to purchase for the vocal-less versions.

02/04/2010, 05:06


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