24 Apr 2010
Download Freebass LP It's A Beautiful Life 
The debut album from Freebass, It's A Beautiful Life, is available to download now at fac51thehacienda.com.


Not Too Late
The Only Ones Alone
Lady Violence
The World Won't Wait
Kill Switch Pt. 141
Secrets and Lies
She Said
The God Machine
Plan B



Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is sad that New Order broke up, they are one of the greatest band to come out of England. Bernard Sumner and Peter Hook are musical LEGENDS. So last year Bernard Sumner came out with his band called Bad Lieutenant and their cd "Never Cry Another Tear" was a really good cd with great melodies, catchy songs and New Order moments woven into the album, and then Peter Hook comes out of nowhere with his band called FreeBass and their album is called "It's a Beautiful Life", this is also a great cd with Peter Hook's classic bass in it, the songs are catchy with great melodies in it, it has great New Order type of music woven in to it also, this album surprised the hell out of me, Very good. As a die hard New Order fan I thought that I will never hear music from them again but now we get two albums from them, also if you like this please check out Peter Hook's previous band called Monaco and their album " Music For pleasure" is also a very good album. It is sad that New Order broke up, I hope that they get back together and I am still waiting for the Leftover's from the WFTSC sessions, till then I will have to do with their side project which is also a very good thing.

28/04/2010, 18:46


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