16 Apr 2010
Kerr, Terrell & Topping live @ The Factory 
ACR members old and new, Jez Kerr, Pete Terrell and Simon Topping will play their first gig together in 27 years at The Factory in Manchester on 12 May 2010.

Their performance will be part of a much wider multimedia experience in association with those Noise Festival people featuring 3 bands, several poets, short films and DJ Graham Massey.

Stand by.

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Anonymous Cooperman said...

Ooooer! What chance a guitar, a bass and a noise generator? Just for old time's sake. ;-)

20/04/2010, 17:21

Anonymous cerysmatic said...

This date is being shifted to a week later on 19 May - see upcoming imminent announcement. Messrs Kerr, Topping and Terrell are collectively known as Sum Ratios (geddit?) or at least they are going to live with that name for a bit to see if they like it.

23/04/2010, 19:13


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