19 Apr 2010
Sensoria presents Johnny YesNo 
from Showroom Workstation:

Peter Care's controversial short film, Johnny YesNo, was made in 1979. Its original soundtrack, recorded and produced by Cabaret Voltaire, was released as an album two years later [a VHS video was released on Of Factory New York video offshoot Doublevision as DV3].

This year, Mute will be releasing a box set, of film and music, comprising the original compilation , a re-imagining of the film, additional footage and bonus material, all featuring new remixes by Richard H. Kirk. This will also be a special presentation of some of the new work.

This Friday 23 April there is a special screening with introduction by Ken Hollings and a Q&A at the Showroom Workstation in Sheffield. Tickets priced £4 are still available from Showroom Workstation.


Johnny YesNo at imdb.com

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