31 May 2010
D'oh Jo! 
The video for Denise Johnson's England World Cup song 'Come On England' (Dex-sic) has been posted on your favourite copyright avoidance site as England World Cup Song 2010 featuring Denise Happy Mondays.

This rather unfortunate misnomer has already been repeated in the mainstream media.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...


03/06/2010, 16:51

Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's pretty awful but it's better than Mark E.Smith's effort.

06/06/2010, 03:07

Anonymous moist said...

Denise says: "Haha some tune I did eons ago. I didn't even know it had been wheeled out again! How funny!"

09/06/2010, 23:40

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ah that explains the strangely dated sound!

15/06/2010, 02:25


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