5 May 2010
Kevin Hewick's Joy Diversion 
This Saturday 8 May, Hewick Haynes & James will play the Allstars night at Firebug on Millstone Lane in Leicester. As is traditional, local acts pay tribute to bands that have influenced them, this time including tributes to Iron Maiden, Biffy Clyro and Porcupine Tree. Kevin Hewick and the boys are doing Joy Division. They will be onstage at the shockingly un-rock'n'roll time of 7.30pm.

Kevin says "I've resisted the idea of trying to do a full set of Joy Division for years. I did 'Transmission' guesting with a band called The Freed Unit once in the 90s but I always felt like I'd get panned for it if I did any JD songs on a serious basis. I'd seen stuff people had said about me doing 'Haystack' with New Order and it was like I'd killed a puppy or something."

Kevin is also now supporting Peter Hook and The Light for their Unknown Pleasures gig at The Factory in Manchester on 18 May.

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