15 Jul 2010
Joy Division - Les Bains Douches (For Ian) 
This just in from our friends at Part Time Punks:

In honour of Ian Curtis's birthday tomorrow (he would've been 54), our friends at the Part Time Punks radio show on on KXLU (88.9FM in Los Angeles or via kxlu.com everywhere else) will be playing the entire 15 track gig by Joy Division in Paris at Les Bains Douches on 18 December 1979, from 3-6pm Pacific Standard Time.

Mike from Part Time Punks explains the provenance of this recording: "This gig has NEVER been broadcast in its entirety before and is NOT available anywhere else. The concert was recorded from the soundboard professionally by France Inter Radio for a program by Benard Lenoir, but he has never broadcast more than a dozen of the tracks (some in 1979 and some more just a few months back on the anniversary of Ian's passing). And only 9 of these tracks were included on the LP/CD release by MMC/Get back in 2001, and in lesser quality. So. With no exaggeration, I can tell you: this will be a world premiere."

The rest of the programme will be devoted to bands who were inspired by Joy Division, from labelmates A Certain Ratio, Section 25 and Crispy Ambulance to lost DIY greats from either side of the pond: Endgame, Young Weasels, Razor Penguins, In-Sex, Soviet Sex, Punctured Tough Guy, etc, etc.

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