29 Aug 2010
It's A Beautiful Life available to pre-order 
The debut album by Freebass, It's A Beautiful Life, is available to pre-order online at Play, HMV and Amazon.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who cares really. Freebase, Hooky and Friends, Peter Hook and the Light. All utter toss......

31/08/2010, 11:29

Anonymous Kelvin said...

Have you listened to the "God Machine" ? Great pop song.

31/08/2010, 22:23

Anonymous Anonymous said...

From one anonymous to another. Why bother posting negative, pointless comments? If you don't like Freebass, there are about a billion other acts out there to enjoy. Why not stop wasting your life and get on with what you want, not what you don't want.

I love Freebass by the way.

01/09/2010, 22:54

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Looking forward to Unknown Pleasures in Los Angeles.

03/09/2010, 05:27


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