21 Sep 2010
Beating Heart #2 
More from our good friend Chris on that Section 25 gig:

Well, turned out good in the end.

Nice little venue in the arse end of Leicester. Venue surrounded by a pack of circling pipe-wielding hoodies on mountain bikes.

Kevin supported (as usual). Quite a long support slot from him. He played near 50 minutes I guess but then it is his home town venue, so he kept going...nice little start to proceedings.

Section 25 came on, and from the last time I saw them, seemed unrecognisable. This due to the only band member from that line up 2 years ago, being the drummer. Out went the Joy Division covers, no sign of them tonight.

Obviously tracks from Retrofit got an airing, alongside Looking From a Hilltop, Wretch, Girls Don't Count and a few other classics. Beth sure looks like her father too (but not in a bad way).

A fairly short set I thought, in the region of an hour. Really enjoyed it as a gig, and the sound was excellent.

Please have a look at the Youtube shots, and watch in HD - because you're worth it !





And please check out my Channel:


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Anonymous Kevin Hewick said...

Great that Chris captured so much footage of the show, lovely to watch it again and for others who couldn't be there to be able to see it and have it for posterity.

Having booked the gig, done hours of legwork with my wife Cynthia with flyers and posters, and loads more time on the internet and dealing with local radio and press and building up a word of mouth buzz I do hope I deserved my 46 minutes onstage lol, it should have been an electric set with my band but our drummer was still recovering from a nasty neck injury so solo it was..

Section 25 have often included me as a part of their events but 30 years on it's still a special pleasure to work with friends old and new under the SXXV banner.

I missed dear Larry but was so pleased SSXV live on and have an exciting future ahead of them.

I've also done a bit of a write up on the www.kevinhewick.co.uk blogs and have over 200 pics up from the evening on my Facebook.

21/09/2010, 21:46

Anonymous Chris said...


One for you / of you Kevin !

21/09/2010, 22:19


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