13 Sept 2010
From the 21st Amendment to Phoenix, Arizona 
It's that time of year again. Kick out the old and welcome the new.

Yes, I'll be on holiday for a few weeks and moist will be minding the shop. Remember to stop by and say hi.

Please note that Scream City will not be on sale again until late October.

Ever been to Utah?

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Anonymous JAMES said...

I used to live in Utah, where are you going exactly? Salt Lake City has "life" but outside of that it's a nature lovers part of the country. If you go to Phoenix, go to Stink Weeds records, it's pretty good. Also, while in Utah eat what is known as a scone.

14/09/2010, 16:26

Anonymous cerysmatic said...

The full itinerary is California, Nevada, Arizona, Utah, New Mexico, Arizona. Possibly dip into Colorado too. We'll be in Utah for the day when we visit Monument Valley.

14/09/2010, 22:20


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