24 Sept 2010
Did the (current) custodians of the Factory marque really put on a night 'welcoming' this year's influx of students to Manchester last weekend and call it FAC A Fresher?



Anonymous o51 said...

Indeed they did. I can't stress how unimaginative I believe the Tokyo Industries "Marketing" staff to be.

25/09/2010, 02:04

Anonymous Aaron said...

very unfortunate... this was a private hire event for a student halls company, it was 'supposed' to be closed event for their returning freshers... we knew nothing of their chosen name until we got the eFlyer mistakingly sent out through our system. Berzerk is not a strong enough word for our reaction.

Not a look were proud off...
Tighter control needed... sorry : (

Aaron Fac251

25/09/2010, 10:47

Anonymous delboy said...

Crikey, all this factory mangling and pushing it in the kids faces , should make them gag alright...

28/09/2010, 11:58

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Only to be expected from a venue happy to put on "classy" entertainment such as this:

A million miles from the original ethos, aesthetic of vision of Tony Wilson, Peter Saville, Alan Erasmus, Rob Gretton and Martin Hannett. A Fac-ing insult to them all.

30/09/2010, 23:59

Anonymous j the el... said...

i thought is was hilarious - and arrived full of hope...

04/10/2010, 13:07


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