17 Jan 2011
Charnel Ground 
In the eternal battle between capitalism and popular culture, every little helps.

The list of sites of historical musical interest in Manchester that have been humiliated at the hands of developers determined to wipe out our musical heritage makes for sad reading:

The Squat (Warsaw, New Order): now a car park; The Russell Club (FAC1, FAC3, FAC4 etc): a housing development; The Rialto (Joy Division, ACR): a golden arched drive-thru; Manhattan Sound (The Smiths): an office block; International 2 (Stone Roses): a Turkish deli; The Hacienda (everybody else): a block of flats for twats.

Now, the final insult. The frontage of Fagins and Rafters - where Joy Division once Battled with the Bands - recently reopened as


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