17 Mar 2011
Becoming The Wraith 
Peter Hook guests on a track off Self Help for Beginners, the new album by dark electronic pop act autoKratz which will be available on CD and digital download from Monday 30 May 2011 via the band's own Bad Life Records. The album also features Primal Scream guitarist Andrew Innes and producer Jagz Kooner.

Hooky, who has previously worked with other dance acts such as The Crystal Method, Hybrid and Arthur Baker, said of the new track Becoming The Wraith, "I was delighted to be asked by autoKratz and to hear their music I understand why. Playing on the track was very easy and the boys made it very enjoyable. I've just listened to the track and then gone for a walk and found myself singing it over and over again - it's a great track".

Obviously Hooky's dance direction is not a recent thing but rather goes way back to his dance days with New Order. Hooky explains thus:

"I was very lucky to be there during a few revolutions in dance music, from what was happening in the US with Blue Monday via Arthur Baker with Planet Rock and Confusion to acid house to the Madchester crossover to what's happened with dance music over the last twenty years. That's why I love DJing so much because I have so much to choose from. I think it’s very healthy. There's some very good artists out there: Delphic, Example, Jamie XX, Four Tet, Caribou, The Field, Radio Slave and more which is really encouraging."

autoKratz in turn explain what it was like having Hooky in the studio: "It was really inspiring to work with Hooky on this track as someone whose legacy has had such a profound impact on us, and the music we make. It really was a privilege. As soon as he picks up the bass it sounds like no-one else, and he brings a unique melody to the track in a way no-one else could."


Title: Self Help for Beginners
Label: Bad Life
Catalogue number: BL5
Format: CD and Digital Download
Release Date: Monday 30 May 2011

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