12 May 2011
Then Hacienda Now @ Richard Goodall Gallery 
Original memorabilia and posters from FAC 51 The Hacienda go on display at the Richard Goodall Gallery, High Street Manchester from 18-28 May 2011 in the Then Hacienda Now exhibition. Peter Hook's private collection will feature heavily including artefacts salvaged from the skip on Whitworth Street West outside the Hacienda when it was closed in 1997. The collection includes posters from gigs by New Order, Cabaret Voltaire, The Fall plus those for legendary club nights such as Shine, Flesh and Hallucienda.

Also on display and on sale at the gallery will be the artwork by James Chadderton for Peter Hook And The Light's debut EP 1102/2011 plus Ben Kelly's two digital reconstructions of the famous Hacienda interior.

To celebrate the exhibition there is a private event on Friday 20 May featuring original Hacienda DJ Graeme Park, Manc poet Mike Garry plus classical musicians, Litmus will be providing their interpretations of Joy Division and New Order's music. An aftershow will be at The Northern in the Northern Quarter.


www.peterhook.co.uk [for sale of selection of posters / memorabilia]

www.fac51thehacienda.com [The site
is being fully launched at this event and is the exclusive home of Hacienda Records plus news/updates about The Hacienda's current and forthcoming events/release schedule; plus contains classic and modern FAC 51 mixes]


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